How To Clean The White Bounce House


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Having a white bounce house is very exciting because it is an arena to play at home. Especially if you have children. They can jump around and be happy there and enjoy at home. They don't need to come to the playground to play.

When you have a White Bounce House, it can also be rented out. The White Bounce House rental business is currently being done everywhere. Get additional money by renting out a white bounce house with slides or other models.

But if the White Bounce House is often rented out, it must be kept clean. If you buy Bounce House for Sale for the first capital, it must also be sterilized. Here are ways to clean it:

How to clean a white bounce house

1. Separate the Part

If there is a part of the White Bounce House that can be separated like a ladder or step then just take it. This section must be separated so that later the results will be completely clean. Do not wash or clean the white bounce house without separating the stairs or other parts that can be taken, because it will be less clean.

2. Take the Items on the Bounce House

When you have a White Bounce House or White House Bounce with Slide, don't flush it immediately with water. Previously Bounce House must be seen from close range. Are there any customer objects that are left like toys, balls, and others? Take and save before returning. Also check the White Bounce House in the corner or on the sidelines, afraid there is an item there.

3. Don't Use Ordinary Soap

Don't clean the White Bounce House with ordinary soap, especially rod soap. Cleaning Bounce House is different from washing clothes or other objects. Ordinary soap is less able to make the bounce house clean because there can be germs that are not visible even though the object has been washed.

4. Use Vinegar Mixed Soap

To clean the White Bounce House, make this mixture: 3 parts of the water plus 1 part of the vinegar. Then mix with dishwashing soap liquid. Don't use liquid soap to wash clothes.
Mix these 3 ingredients then put them in a spray bottle. Then spray it on all parts of the White Bounce House and clean it with a napkin. Look at the results, dirt will be lifted and the White Bounce House will be safer to use again.

5. When There is a torn Part

You have a risk when renting a White Bounce House or a White Bounce House with Slide, which is a torn part. If the damage is only a little then clean and paste the isolation is large. Make sure you check it from loose.
Before being repaired, the White Bounce House must be cleaned first so that there are no germs or bacteria. If you rent out the Bounce House then it must be ascertained. Because most of those who play there are children.

6. Last Stage: disinfectant

After cleaning, the White Bounce House must be sprayed with disinfectant. You can buy disinfectants with a trusted brand in the store. After that, wipe it with a towel then dry it dry.

white bounce house with slide

When you buy and use your own a white bounce house, you must clean it at least 3 times a month. But when the White Bounce House with slide is rented, it must be cleaned one or 2 times a week. Make sure the bounce house is clean and sterile so that no customers are disappointed or have itchy skin. Give disinfectants so that there are no germs and bacteria in the Bounce House. Cleanliness is very important so many customers recommend your Bounce House business.

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